Part 2. The meteoric rise of Tom English through the ranks of the SMSM and where his love in with Rangers 1872/Sevco began

In April of 1998, around the time the above image was taken, then 29 year old Tom English was involved in an altercation with former Ireland Rugby team manager, Pat Whelan. English alleged that Whelan punched him twice in the toilets of the Brazen Head Sports bar in Limerick at 2.15 a.m. Whelan resigned his position as Ireland manager not long after the incident and it would appear that English said something that upset Whelan enough to physically assault him.

Whelan would not comment on what happened and to this day, only English and Whelan know what went on in those toilets. English stated he would drop the matter if Whelan apologised to him. Pat Whelan never did and it’s still unclear whether he resigned his position as Ireland team manager as a result of what happened.

As a result, English burnt his bridges with the I.R.F.U. and he was blackballed by them. Prior to that incident, he was going places as a journalist in Ireland and had a bright career ahead of him. As we have learned and witnessed over the years in Scotland, English has a penchant for shooting his mouth off and saying things that he knows will cause controversy, in fact he seems to thrive on it.

Perhaps he took it a step too far in the toilets of the Brazen Head? It’s a different story when you can’t hide behind a keyboard.

Clearly he’s thick skinned and it would appear he has no allegiance to anybody in particular but himself and his own self interests. In fact, this might surprise you, I don’t even think he has an allegiance to Sevco. He is not a football journalist, therefore he has a mercenary-like attitude towards the sport. He will ally himself to whoever gives him the most in return.

Celtic give him nothing, therefore, he gives them nothing but abuse in return. He antagonises our support because he actually enjoys it. Although I’m not sure how much he enjoys having his arse handed to him on a plate each time he does, (Reference: thick skinned), more to the point, I don’t think he cares.

After failing as a journalist in Ireland, a few years later, he washed up in Scotland. During his days working as a sports writer for Scotland on Sunday, he began to learn quickly how you work your way up the media ladder in Scotland. It wasn’t through intelligent journalism, no, it was through allying yourself to the club from Govan.

You go with the flow in Scotland and that flow gets you ‘Succulent Lamb’. Never speak ill of Rangers 1872/Sevco and you will meet no resistance in your path to the top. Never tell the truth about what goes on in Ibrox and you’ll be just fine.

When you are a mercenary with no vested interest in the sport of football, that’s a pretty easy thing to do, even if it does leave a bitter taste in your mouth. I’m sure being a hitman, sometimes killing people leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, but you do what you get paid for.

Tom English, despite being Irish, found it easy to detach himself from the political and religious rivalry between the two Glasgow clubs simply because he didn’t care about either of them. Celtic’s Irish roots meant nothing to him. Whatever happened to him in Ireland caused a bitterness that seemed to have completely desensitised him.

When you speak to people who have a vested interest in Rugby, they look at the sport of football with distaste. You know how the old saying goes, “Rugby is a game for thugs, played by gentlemen. Football is a game for gentlemen, played by thugs.” I would imagine that’s the perception Tom English has for football. He certainly knows about the thugs in Glasgow.

To give you an insight into Tom English’s mercenary-like behaviour, I’m going to highlight an incident in April 2011, for context please read the below email:

From: Ian McKerron
Date: Saturday, 16 April 2011
Subject: Saturday, April 16
To: Craig Whyte 

Morning Craig

If nothing else, the controversy over the latest UEFA action against Rangers exposes how lazy is the Scottish footballing media. There was lotst of talk yesterday from journalists about the links Piara Powar, the boss of FARE, has with Celtic but no one brave enough to make the connection that he might just be a little biased in his vendatta against Rangers. Powar is married to the journalist and broadcaster Assmah Mir who is a celebrated and self-confessed Celtic nut. Some papers have simply chosen to report Powar’s statement (he refused to be interviewed) denying that he was involved in an anti-Rangers conspiracy.

Tom English of Scotland on Sunday admitted to me that the whole thing “stinks” and that “these people need to be exposed” so we shall see what he writes tomorrow.

But it is quite astonishing that a body as august and powerful as UEFA shold allow itself to be manipulated by a group such as FARE.

On the plus side, the continuing controversy took the spotlight off the deal and there are few mentions of it in today’s coverage.

The prospects for delivering a surprise announcement remain on target. Our line yesterday and today is simply to not disabuse journalists who automatically assume that the latest sectarian issue might add to the delay in completion but that the deal itself remains on track.

The above makes for interesting reading, does it not? Especially the part highlighted in red. Interestingly enough, not long after, an article appeared in Scotland on Sunday (see below) going into detail on all of the contents of the above email. It was written by a journalist named Tom Peterkin. Peterkin is the old English for English Peter.

I’m not sure what Tom English’s second name is, but if I was a betting man, I might bet that his full name is Thomas Peter English. Funny guy, English. Who knows, maybe I’m wrong, but it all seems a little too coincidental, don’t you think?

The article highlights how Rangers 1872 were about to be punished by Uefa for racist chanting during the European ties that season with PSV Eindhoven. Mr. ‘Peterkin’ believed that is was a campaign by FARE and their executive director , Piara Powar, waged against Rangers 1872, just because his wife was a Celtic fan. Yes you read that correctly.

It had nothing at all to do with the fact that Rangers 1872 fans engaged in Sectarian singing, because to be fair, they just wouldn’t do that now, would they? No, it was just because Mr. Powar’s wife was a Celtic fan. She told him that he had to go to Uefa and ensure that Rangers 1872 received the highest possible punishment….because she was a Celtic fan.

What a bitter, small minded, petty bunch they are that they managed to come up with that. Kudos to Mr. “Peterkin” though for his exclusive.

Just from that incident alone, Tom English proved he has no loyalty to anyone but himself and his own advancement. More power to the man, he came to Scotland with a mercenary-like attitude and it got him to the top, or at least what he perceives to be the top.

To you and I, all it proves is that he got into bed with Rangers 1872 and that he’s still in bed with Sevco. I’m sure behind it all, he laughs at both Sevco and our club, both of which he clearly has no allegiance to.

Tom English was never a footballing man, he proves that on a regular basis with his distinct lack of knowledge on the sport. No, he got to where he is by playing the game and going with the flow.

He could have been one of the best journalists in his sport of choice, sadly that all came to end for him in April 1998. Now all he does is take the bitterness of that failure out on a sport he knows nothing about.

One thought on “Part 2. The meteoric rise of Tom English through the ranks of the SMSM and where his love in with Rangers 1872/Sevco began

  1. The fact Pat Whelan refused to apologise to the cretin speaks volumes. Tom’s pathetic attacks on our club and fan base is a poor attempt at trying to stay relevant in the same fashion as the pre historic hugh keevans. Thankfully it’s 2022 and fan media and bloggers like yourself sir are showing these cretins how it’s done. Hopefully it won’t be too long before these guys become extinct! HH.


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