Sevco and Scottish referees, one and the same…..

I’m sure many of you out there have kids and you’re all going through or have gone through the trials and tribulations of parenting. One thing you’ll have all encountered with kids is this, if you let them get away with something over and over again, they’ll just keep doing it, over and over again. Until such time as you put a stop to whatever it is, it will just keep on happening. That is human nature and it doesn’t change when we’re adults either.

To that end, Scottish referees and Sevco are the same. They are allowed to get away with the same things, over and over again. They are never pulled up or held accountable for their actions. What are those actions? For Sevco, cheating and attempting to bully the rest of Scottish football and for the refs, cheating and blatant bias towards one team.

When is enough, enough? At this moment in time, Scottish refs are being allowed to literally shit all over the Scottish game, all for the benefit of one team. It has gone beyond blatant now, the word blatant doesn’t cover it any more. It is now at the point where refs are thinking to themselves, ‘Nobody is going to hold me to account for my actions, I couldn’t give a shit, I’m going to do what I want to disrupt this game as much as possible.’

Over the weekend, I picked four matches out of the top leagues in Europe, Chelsea v Southampton, Dortmund v Fc Augsburg, Atletico Madrid v Barcelona and Rennes v PSG. In every one of these matches and you can check this out for yourself, if you wish, the team with the most possession is the team with the least amount of fouls recorded. This stands to reason, as when you don’t have possession, you are aggressively trying to get the ball back, therefore, you incur more fouls in the process.

This does not occur in Scotland. During our match with Aberdeen, the team with the most possession, Celtic, somehow managed to kick seven different colours of shite out of the team that did not have the ball. We managed to do this while we were in possesion of the ball for 62% of the contest. We racked up a total of 27 fouls, while Aberdeen, with 38%, only managed 10 fouls. Outside of the four matches I have highlighted today, I delved into every other match in those leagues played over the weekend, no matter where I looked, no match threw up stats like ours. Put simply, no team with majority possession, incurred more fouls than the team with lower possession, no team, anywhere in those four leagues.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but that is pretty damning. Bobby Madden made the choice to disrupt our play as much as he possibly could. Some people came out and said our team were regressing further after yesterday’s performance. Answer me this, how the hell are you supposed to play with any rhythm when someone is disrupting your play to that level? How?? It took serious character to overcome that shitshow from Bobby Madden yesterday, but we did and there’s huge credit due to Ange and the players for that.

There are two ways you can look at this. One, Bobby Madden is the shittiest referee in Scotland, if not Europe, and he just makes a lot of ‘honest mistakes’, or two, Bobby Madden is a devious, Sevco supporting ref, who knows exactly what he is doing and he does it to benefit the team he supports. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out which viewpoint is the correct one.

Which brings me to yesterday’s match between Sevco and Hibernian. Hibs went into that match unbeaten. They started well and scored early through Kevin Nisbet. That obviously upset Nick Walsh and he probably felt that Sunday pints down the Ludge wouldn’t be much fun unless things changed. So he changed things. Ryan Porteous slid in cleanly on Joe Aribo, made no contact whatsoever and got the ball off his opponent. Because the thought, in that split second, flashed through Ryan Porteous’ mind that he could maim Joe Aribo for life if he got this tackle wrong, he received a red card. He showed ‘intent’ to harm, apparently, but there was no harm done, no contact made and Joe Aribo was unscathed after what appeared to be a great tackle. Nick Walsh showed his red card with glee and gave the advantage to his team in the process. The minute I saw that card flashed, I knew there was only one way that contest was going after that.

Later in the game, John Lundstram lunged with both feet into a tackle on Josh Doig, nothing, not even a free kick. For the Hibs players, it must have been demoralising. It must have been demoralising for Jack Ross too. They battled on admirably, but to no avail in the end. It must be soul destroying for the players who see such blatant decisions given against them, yet they try to remain professional and pursue a result they know will never go their way. Its a shame they never get that level of professionalism or protection from the match officials. Then again, how could they? The game in Scotland is rigged, everybody knows it and everybody sees it.

Yet, it’s not just us affected by this, all of the other teams in the Scottish Premiership are suffering as a result of extremely poor officiating. So again, when is enough, enough? When will we see this change? Will VAR be introduced to our game and if and when it is, will it show these cheats up for what they really are? Or will they all work together to overrule the system and make sure the decisions continue to suit their favourite team?

All of the other teams in the league need to demand one single thing, allegiances must be declared and if your allegiance lies with Sevco, then you cannot officiate games that may benefit them or games involving them. Only then will we see a level playing field in Scotland. If that ever came to pass, there would probably only be two or three refs available to officiate, because all the rest of them support only one team.

Sevco and refs in Scotland are one and the same, they are all cheats.

10 thoughts on “Sevco and Scottish referees, one and the same…..

  1. Best thing to do is just boycott scottish football all together let us fans show these corrut cheating scumbags at hampden theyre up put it this see after 2012 were the biggest cheats in the spfl got there debts swipt but kept their history thats when the celtic board and other teams should have all walked out of the spfl scotland is full of masons thats why they get away with it so lets get something done now before the refs make sure their 2nd club get the CL spot buy getting them to 2inarow if they do get it i hope theirs a riot at hampden come may cup final eh.


  2. I think that we should have refs from England and Wales officiate the game in Scotland while Scottish refs are sent to England and Wales. This is the only way we can get rid of the SevcovRangers supporting refs. The silence from the SFA and SPFL on this is also deafening. Maybe they are also on the Ibrox payroll?


  3. I reffed at lower level with the English FA when I was in the RAF. Every year when registration came around you were ordered to name the team you supported or followed or had ever played for. It used to arouse a laugh with my English mates as I lived in Suffolk that the chance to ever referee Celtic would never occur. Still had to put it on my form. Every year. No exceptions.


  4. I agree 100% with every word in this piece. The problem is that nobody is willing to challenge the SFA, SPFL or the Scottish Referees Cabal. The only way anything will change is if the clubs take a stand. The boy Porteous made an absolutely superb tackle and took the ball cleanly. Roofe was 3 yards offside for the sevco equaliser and Lundstram handled the ball with both hands in his own box where Nick Walsh had a clear view of it and gave nothing. A lot of chairmen at other clubs must be masons as well that’s why they don’t rock the boat. Our club are a disgrace for not shutting down this myth of sevco and Rangers being one and the same club with history and trophies. We need to run this board out of town they haven’t got the game’s interest at heart never mind us the supports. We’re treated with irreverence and contempt. Dermot Desmond is a liability to our club he and his board have no long term business plan for the club and I’m convinced Dom was sacked because he had. The reason I think that is when Bankier said Michael Nicholson ‘was more of a team player’ it alluded to me that Dom told them in no uncertain terms they were grossly incompetent in regards any business plan or modernisation. Glasgow Celtic can’t be a allowed to be the billionaire’s play thing. We used to be a feared name in Europe nobody wanted to draw us, now we’re not even feared in the SPFL. It tells you far we’ve fallen when Florian Wirtz said he enjoyed himself at a ground that was once a graveyard for any European side no matter how big they were in name or reputation. That’s an indictment of where this board have allowed our club to regress to, they should be ashamed and we need to put a rocket up their arse. The club need to be told that none of our support will invest in the club unless they see a vision for the future of the club and they need to be seen to be implementing it too. We plough millions into the club every year and they know that but surely there comes a time when we say enough is enough. We’re being failed as a support and the game is being failed by a board trying to hold on to an old firm tag that died with Rangers in 2012.


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