Is it just me or is this away day hoodoo starting to get a bit worrying?

Today was supposed to be the day where we threw off the shackles of our horrendous away record. Surely the team bottom of the league and with only one point, couldn’t thwart us? Once the monkey was off our back, we could focus on winning away games more often than we have been of late. Think again. Its now official, Livingston are truly our bogie team.

I’m sorry, I don’t subscribe to this nonsense that the plastic pitch at Almondvale is what does for us every time we go there. Yes, it’s shit to play on, absolute shit, but we have better players, we should be doing better than the pish that was on display today. Ange has got to stop the rot soon or this title is going to be out of sight by Christmas.

We have a lot to thank Motherwell for today. We’re only four points behind and that’s not insurmountable, but if we don’t win our next away game, then we’re in serious trouble. Because this is going to become psychological and its going to get inside the player’s heads. What is even more frustrating about today is the knowledge that we would have been to within one point of Sevco, had we managed to win.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge supporter and admirer of Ange and I want nothing more than for him to succeed as Celtic manager, but three losses already? 9 points dropped? I hate to say it, but that’s just not acceptable if we have any aspirations of winning the league this season. We looked completely disjointed today, that’s the only word I could use to describe our play.

What I can’t understand, is how we are able to absolutely steam roll teams at home and then put on a performance like we did today. It’s Jekyll and Hyde, night and day. Ange really has to get a grip of our defensive frailties and find the right formula when it comes to who plays consistently in our back four. There is too much chopping and changing going on.

Yes, I felt that Stephen Welsh was a good call in central defence today, but then, he ended up at fault for the goal. The question you’ve got to ask is why that happened and in my view it’s a lack of consistency. One week he’s in, the next he’s out, either commit to giving him the role or don’t. But until such time as a firm decision is made regarding central defence, we will lack consistency and mistakes like today’s will happen again and again.

I know we have a lot of injuries and Ange is trying to find his best first eleven, but I’m sorry, Livingston were bottom of the league for a reason. No disrespect to them, but we should be doing better against opposition like that. If we’re to be considered serious title contenders this season, then days like today need to become a thing of the past.

Clearly everyone, myself included, wants Ange Postecoglu to succeed as Celtic manager. But bear in mind, there were an awful lot of people who wanted Neil Lennon to deliver the ten and I don’t need to take a trip down that particular memory lane. The unfortunate reality is that this is a results driven industry and if you don’t deliver the results, then you don’t succeed. It’s early days, I know, but come Sunday the 3rd of October, nothing less than a win against an underperforming Aberdeen side is going to suffice.

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